Why I’m Bringing Back My Blog


It’s been a long time coming, and something I’ve wanted to do for a while now, but finally my blog is back! Welcome to those of you who are new here! Expect lots of motherhood stories, tips and tricks, fashion posts, beauty reviews, and blogs about nerdy things I enjoy!

But, why now?

I love blogging. It’s like an informal way of just splurging my words (and thoughts) onto a page. It gives me peace, knowing the words have left my brain and are floating somewhere else. Writing has always been my escape, and I guess, way of coping. When I think about periods where I’ve been at my lowest, writing was what saved me each time. Whether journalling, creative writing or writing academic pieces, I find I’m transported when I write to my very own little happy place.

It’s taken me a while to get there, but I see blogging as my totally selfish and relaxing thing to do, so it’s an added bonus when someone else enjoys the blog.

I stopped in the first place because I was worried that I wasn’t ‘enough’ of anything to write a blog and used to worry people would speculate, judge and create a false reality about me in their heads. I’m not funny or interesting enough to be a mummy blogger, not cool or trendy enough to be a fashion blogger, not glamorous enough to be a beauty blogger, not knowledgable enough to be a film blogger. It’s not really until the last 6 months that I’ve thought to myself, actually, I am enough for all of these things. Why shouldn’t I talk about all the things I like and enjoy writing about them? When I realised I blogged for me rather than other people, when I stopped caring what other people think or speculate about, I realised how happy blogging makes me.

Now I’ve got a lot more followers, subscribers to my very own magazines and a feel more confident, self assured and thirsty to write more- here I am! Stay tuned for more motherhood, beauty, fashion and nerdy stuff!

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